tales of Zoka woe

Gosh I hate not having an internet connection at home. When we first moved in, my roommate J tested her wireless card and it worked, so we assumed we’d be good with not getting the internet. I even had her buy me a wireless card on her UW account for cheap (shhhhh). But then, the WEEK after we moved in, whoever was the owner of the server we were mooching off of decided to password-protect their server. We don’t *think* they knew we were mooching, we think it was just a fluke, but still. So now we are screwed. And normally, since we figured out it’s North Neighbor, we might just approach her and say hey, how bout we pay half your Internet costs and share the connection, but North Neighbor lady who lives there is kind of crotchety and we’ve already had “words” about a cetain other roommate parking in “Her” [North Neighbor’s] spot, even though it’s a public street and all that, so we don’t really want to tread on that thin and crotchety ice. So back to screwed. And other options, you ask? The house to the south (DILF & Co.) doesn’t give a strong enough signal, and neither does the one across the street (plus, we heard from a trustworthy source that they might be kind of crazy, and keep in mind that I’m just being nice here because it’s a public blog and all). So anyway, we have no internet. And I looked into getting service briefly, but Comcast wants to take our firstborn sons (well, my roommates’ anyway, I don’t want kids, sorry Comcast) for Internet and then we have to pay even more to wireless-ify it – and being as how we just had a eating bill that was almost $600 for less than two months, and that’s not even in the dead of winter, that’s a no-go for massively increased monthly costs from Comcast. And stupid Seattle’s supposed to have hot spots near our house but they don’t, it’s a LIE. So now I’m sitting in the UZ Zoka, which luckily is less than a mile from our house, but I feel like a dork because I’m seated with my back to the cafe so that everyone can read my Yahoo! email screen and my WordPress blog screen. And I’d just rather not advertise that my important internet business isn’t UW homework, like everyone else here, but rather, personal emails and blogging. I just don’t feel hardcore enough. I might have to go get a Zoka bar soon here.

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