TGIF: pros and cons


– I get to go kayak caroling tonight (houseboats, singing, kayaking, hot buttered rum, mulled wine, cookies, Santa hats!)

– It’s the last day of the work week (and I’m wearing a Santa hat at work like the huge dork that I am)

– They’re finally taking out our stinky trash today.

– Candy Cane Lane opens tomorrow!

– My platonic date for my company Christmas party is going to wear a yellow cashmere sweater. And I just might wear my Santa hat again.

– I’m going to my cousin’s wedding next weekend in VA (my namesake!) and I’m TOTALLY going to find and purchase one of those “Virginia Is for Lovers” t-shirts.*

– I???ll get to see my entire dad’s side of the family at said wedding, many of whom I haven’t seen in years

– I???m seeing a career counselor next Tuesday and I???m mad excited about the prospects of having a job at which I don’t spend all my free time blogging, and/or have all that free time, interspersed with stressful and depressing busy-work!

– I have mac and cheese for lunch, and let me tell you, I make a MEAN mac and cheese

– I???m starting to suck a little less in my HTML and graphic design skills – my new-website-to-be is coming along.

– I convinced Olympia City Councilmember Karen Messmer to send me an ???I Like Olympia??? button even though it breaks her policy of only giving them to people she???s actually met in person

– I might get to practice speaking Catalan again soon!


– Didn’t get to see my hot neighbor naked this trash day (it’s only happened once, but hey, I check every Friday; it’s sort of become a house ritual between me and one of my roommates. The other one thinks we’re gross, I’m pretty sure.)

– Throat STILL hurts from Seattle Smoke-A-Thon two nights ago.

– Concerned I might run into old friend at kayaking tonight with whom I had major falling out this summer; may result in awkward unintentional run-in and forced painful small talk at best; worst-case scenario, full-on public yelling may ensue – will need to drink up the hot buttered rum to increase bravado and chances of winning potential yelling match

– Can’t figure out what RSS feed is, means, or how it works.

– Have become addicted to mac and cheese, starting to get fat.

So really, that???s a lot more pros than cons, and that makes it a Double Plus Good Day. Whee!

*Because back in college, sophomore year I believe, my friend Michelle and I decided to stay on campus for spring break and just take lots of mini road-trips – to DC, to VA, to NYC (we didn???t actually do that one), and we wanted to go to Memphis and see Graceland but that didn???t’ happen either – we were both West Coasties in PA and we had no real sense of distance when it came to the rest of the country. But anywho – so the whole point of our field trip to VA was to buy a “Virginia Is For Lovers” bumper sticker for my car (see, it makes sense now, doesn’t it?) but when we got to VA, we had no idea where to go for that sort of touristy thing – we drove and drove and just wound up in a mall buying trashy makeup at a Macy*s store. I still have that turquoise mascara (she bought purple) – except I wear it as eyeliner – or rather, wore, as I’ve sort of grown out of such colors. Again, I digress. So anyway, for Christmas that year, my crazy friend Sooze gave me an envelope full of Virginia Is For Lovers bumper stickers because she knew of the sad failure of our attempt -but she was really weird and secretive about how she’d come by them, and it was a big deal to not tell. Go figure. So anyway, years later, that’s the only bumper sticker remaining on my car, the faded sad no-longer-black-white-and-red “Virginia Is For Lovers” memento – and I know that SOMEWHERE amongst all my shit I must have the envelope with the other five or six that she got me, but I can’t find it, and I can’t stand to buy a new one, because I KNOW I have it somewhere, and one time when I lost my watch I bought the exact same watch for like $30 (I had paid ???88 originally) and then of course I found the original watch a week or so later. See, so I CAN???T buy another bumper sticker. BUT I CAN buy a T-shirt! Here I come, Tyson???s corner ??? here???s hoping I don???t run into my college ex who used to work there! (And hoping I haven???t unknowingly distributed this blog link to said ex, haha ??? if so, sorry babe, but it???s always awkward with you)

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