The Best Contest of 2006 is …. over

Second follow-up repost – know what? It’s over. The old title’s coming back. I know I said midnight, but I lied. Hari, shoot me an email, you win! (The rest of you: for shame, you are an unimaginative bunch, haha)


So I implore you, Imaginary Readers: help me come up with a new title for my blog. “I absolutely hate the word blog” just isn’t cutting it for me anymore (though I may revert to it if all else fails) and “Virginia Culler” is pretty damn boring (no offense, Self). So, submissions should be concise, snappy, possibly funny and/or witty, and in no way profane. And yet, I don’t want a boring description of exactly what the blog is like (a snazzy, witty description of exactly what the blog is like would, however, be great). Contestants can just post their ideas as comments.

And the question on everyone’s mind: what do I get if I win, you ask? The answer: I’ll buy you drinks. Or ice cream, pizza; whatever your vice of choice is, as long as we can legally and easily purchase it in a Seattle-area establishment. Sorry, man, but I’m broke – but your witty blog-title will help make me rich and famous, and then someday I’ll throw Gatsby-esque parties (minus the Daisy obsession; that chick was boring) and you can drink mad alcohol at those too. You Imaginary Winner you.

Please? Pretty please? I need your help! My mindless drivel is getting read more and more and we all know a title is half the battle. Help! Thanks in advance.


  1. hmmm…thinking….how about “a conglomeration of abominations” lemme think some more and get back to you -ed

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