the most important work I???ve done today

???was reorganizing our office supplies drawer.?? And re-stocking our “freakout” office-supply drawer in the copy room.

PEOPLE!?? I ORGANIZED AND SORTED BINDER CLIPS ACCORDING TO SIZE.?? Someone please either shoot me now, or hire me to do ANYTHING BUT THIS.

I guess I’m going to go research wireless internet pricing and surf the web for inspiration on my own website and/or HTML tutorials and read stupid blogs and generally NOT DO ANY WORK because I have NOTHING TO DO TODAY (usually my funny creative blogs stem not from having no work to do, but from the joy of blatantly ignoring my workload and/or working the blogging in around the work – when there’s no work to work with, the fun’s taken right out of it).?? I may complain about the insane?? stressload at times, but truth be told, I thrive on stress.?? And not on ennui.?? Je d??teste l’absence du travail!


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