the opposite of friendster

Is there such thing as an Anti-Friendster??? I frickin hate Friendster.?? I’m “connected” to all these people I don’t even know or that I’m barely in touch with at all, I get Junk Friendster Messages, people whom I’ve never met view my profile, all the guys listed as “living locally” are seeking relationships “with men”, and so on and so forth…. plus I have no normal digital photos and I don’t like the pressure to upload.?? Really, though, there’s a lot of good in those sorts of networks I guess – it seems like a lot of people from my college use it, and I mean like actively, but I guess I just am not a part of that lil world – I’m not big on AIM either but today I signed on just to see if my one pal that I sometimes IM with was on, and she wasn’t but ALL these people from college were – and I was like WTF??? I guess I just stopped using that when I stopped living in the dorms all the time, and/or living abroad with few other cheap means of staying in touch…. hm, if I had a job that didn’t expressly forbid using messenger programs I just might be one of those constantly-online-people, but alas – my reality is not thus.?? But I mean I feel so overwhelmed with trying to stay in touch with people OUTSIDE of the AIM/Friendster/Athena Network (or whatever it’s called – my college’s online alum connector thingy) that I don’t think I could quite breathe if I tried to maintain all those networks.?? But then again, hey, maybe I’ll try one of these days – I DO quite enjoy the out-of-the-blue conversation with an old pal, and that tends to happen more over e-means than traditional ones. Hm.?? On that note, it’s 5:15 and I get to go home now, bye!

??PS the pie was pie-tastic, and now I’m going to have a Zoe-tastic dinner.?? What a day for EATING!?? It rivals John’s long-attempted Eatster holiday – John, if you’re reading this, are we having Eatster next year, and if so, when?

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