the restaurant saga continues???

So now I got a call from good ole Karl Bruno. We had a nice chat and he was very appreciative of the feedback I sent, though he did want to clarify a few things, so that was refreshing and enlightening… but then again, I still don’t 100% love the way Bruno runs the program, but he sticks by it, so I guess we agree to disagree to a certain…. degree. Anywho, an interesting chat overall – and he said he’d love to meet me and that I should stop by and see him the next time I’m dining there. Will do, Bruno. And also that they might do an all-seafood restaurant publicity thing in February and I offered to help volunteer if he was interested since we’re clearly birds of a feather when it comes to organizing such events, and he said he’d probably take me up on it. Wowie zowie, at this rate I’ll have all the restaurant’s chefs in my pocket by next Christmas! Okay, I’m kidding, that is neither my goal nor my perception, but ya gotta admit, all this is pretty funny. Love those letters!

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