Today???s blog is dedicated to Billy, who is the best

Yes, you read it here first: Billy is The Best. The context: so I got up pretty early and showered and all that and was thinking to myself, aaaah, since I have a nice Amy’s Organic burrito for lunch, I don’t have to spend precious morning time making lunch, so I can enjoy a nice luxurious leisurely breakfast…. so I bust out the peppermint ice cream I bought last night (shut up, I have PMS and like you always eat a perfectly healthy breakfast!? Shut up) and I’m all ice-cream-eating away and chatting to my roommate while she dries her hair, and then my other roommate’s boyfriend (enter Billy, stage right) comes downstairs and we’re shooting the shit about how our dog (his girlfriend’s, my roommate’s, but I kind of consider her part-mine even though it’s a lie) has these weird bone spur things that really hurt her little doggie-elbows and it makes me SO SAD because she whines in pain and now we have to keep her from playing or running or showing any kind of normal doggie-exuberance because it makes her condition worse, and it just BREAKS MY HEART, and I’m all tearing up over my ice cream and trying not to cry about our hurt doggie, and then I’m like HOLY FUCK I just missed my BUS! FUCK (because see this is NOT a good day to miss work, I mean no day’s a good day but this is a particularly BAD one) and he’s like, no sweat, I’ll give you a ride, and he does, and I actually got here EARLY which is why I had a chance to blog supaquick before attacking my inbox with vim and vigor. THANK YOU BILLY YOU ARE THE BEST! Love, me

PS I’m totally printing this out and putting it up on our fridge so he’ll see it.??

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