tuesday = pie day!

Okay, so for all the whining I do about my job, it’s pretty damn cool that we get to celebrate Pie Day.?? Why, you ask??? Because nobody’s birthday was this month and we wanted to celebrate *something* – why not pie??? I’m telling you, that’s a smart law firm, that is, one that recognizes the Power of Pie (or Pi, but that’s a whole different post).?? AND I had a cinnamon roll from Specialty’s today, AND I think it might be go-out-with-Dad-for-lunch day, AND I’m eating at Restaurant Zoe for the first time tonight.?? That’s a lot of good eatin’ for one Tuesday!?? And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Sh*t.?? I’m gonna be fatter than Santa by Christmas.?? DAMN YOU PIE DAY!

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