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So, it’s amazing how your perspective completely changes once you get rid of whatever it was that was rotting and festering amongst the roots of the tree that we shall call “Quality of Life”. Ever since I started this new job (and gotten through the first couple of overwhelming and stressful days), I’ve been so much more relaxed and easygoing about pretty much everything.

Case in point: this weekend I locked my keys in my car *and* lost my driver’s license. Do I particularly give a shit about either one of these things? Nope. This morning I was already running later than I really wanted to be to work, and I got stuck on the 1st Ave. S. bridge because it was stuck open for almost a half hour. Did I sit there stressing out about it? Nope, I turned off my ignition, rocked out to the Ramones and some Lynrd Skynrd, touched up my makeup, made a couple phone calls, ate some more breakfast that I’d brought with me to eat at work, and just generally chilled.

It’s so much easier to not sweat the petty stuff when life’s going well – and I swear, all the other aspects of life start to line up a little better. When your long-term injury starts healing, when you go on a nice date with a cute guy who has a cute dog when you haven’t been on one of those in a year or so, when your daily commute consists of rocking out to great music and ends in a destination that’s more fun that stressful, when the sun is out and life is good and Sunday nights consist of playing pool until you get kicked out of the Duchess at 10 pm, but who cares, because man, you can play POOL on your Sunday nights and not freak out about having to get home and get at least an attempted 9 hours of sleep in; one to toss and turn and stress out about the next day’s workload and eight to rest up in order to prepare for the annoying and agonizing things that are surely to come the second you set foot in the office, nay, BUILDING – yeah, things really start coming together when your daily existence is not a huge load of stress. Everything just kinda falls into place, and the fact that you technically aren’t driving legally and that you have had more AAA locksmith calls than anyone else in the state – that crap seems pretty trivial, by comparison.

On that note, if anyone has seen my driver’s license, give me a shout, k? Thx

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