Update to the Saga of the Nekkid Neighbor

First of all, for you newbies, see my best-of post[1] for the original saga.?? OH MY GOD so I had to access the best-of page in order to find that link and YESSS Craig finally updated!?? Man, now I might have to go read all those before I even post???. No, wait, no, I have a RESPONSIBILITY now to my imaginary readers, to fulfill their boring days just as Craig has fulfilled mine.?? Otherwise the Tao of the Internet will be in imbalance and all will not be well.?? O-kay, sigh.?? So basically, a whole hell of a lot of people wrote me and asked for updates, from ???Did he get curtains???? to ???are you charging women to line up in front of your house for sneak peeks???? to ???Is his name _______ from Alberta, Canada??? If so, I know that guy, say hi for me!????? Seriously, that???s what people wrote.?? That???s just a mere smattering, I should say.?? So anywho, the answers are “no”, “no”, and “no but like hell would I say hi even if he were (no offense) because that would mean admitting I???d seen him naked”, respectively.?? The only real change in anything is that now, whenever my best friend or my roommate sees a light on in their basement, they jump up to see if they can get a view of anything exciting, and make me freak out and holler ???get the f*ck down guys they???ll SEE YOU!??? because I realized that I???m the only one tall enough to have a view into their basement without having to jump or lean way over and be hella obvious and the like.?? I mean, I already admitted I had to lean for part of the view, but not all, gosh darnit.?? Bygones.?? Anyway, so that???s that ??? well, that and, ever since the Naked Incident (or ???Nekkid???, I should say, for consistency???s sake), I have found the guy less and less attractive.?? Well, not exactly ??? just more D and less ILF, if that makes any sense.?? Oh, and for the curious ??? DILF stands for Dad I???d Like to F*ck, and the reference is the flipside of MILF which was coined in the first American Pie movie[2], in reference to Stiffler???s mom.?? Wow.?? So in my first blog entry I said I???d try to use this as a forum to learn to cut down on swearing ??? so how am I doing, guys??? #@*&^%!?? Ah well, I try.?? Anyway, my boss is back in business (or bid???ness, as we say ???round these parts) so I best get going and do some of the stuff they pay me to do.?? SOMEDAY, SOMEONE will pay me to BLOG, mark my words?????? but until that day, I must go serve The Man.?? Who in my case is actually a woman.?? Stay with me.?? Oops, I promised I???d tell all a funny story about the hazards (or Hazzards, if you were born a few years earlier than I was) of using the Inter Net ??? but that will have to wait.?? Until then, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!?? You imaginary readers you.?? Oh, and if anyone knows anything about why my stupid frickin ???comments??? page doesn???t seem to actually accept ???comments??? and the like, please email me at ginnielizz@hotmail.com, since this page also doesn???t seem to have any sort of ???contact??? section.?? WTF ??? BlogTastic is not turning out to be very BlogTastic at all.?? Not even Blogeriffic, or Blogtacular.?? More like Blog-Blog (which is Inter Net for ???comme ci, comme ??a??? which is French for ???kind of sucks but I???m too polite and/or under surveillance to admit it???).?? So basically it kind of sucks.

[2] Incidentally, it was coined by the hilarious Asian guy who went on to co-star in ???Harold and Kumar Go To WHitecastle???, which is a great and hilarious movie, but it???s all about racial stereotypes (amongst other things like riding cheetahs stoned and Battlesh*ts and stuff) but since they advertised him as ???that Asian guy from American Pie??? I have no idea what the actor???s real name is.?? So they made their point I guess.?? But he???s funny, that much I know!

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  1. hey, ja he començat a llegir el teu blog jajaja. Ara entenc per què vas guanyar el premi a la millor entrada en el de Craig que esmentes.
    Moooooolt bo.

    aniré lenta, però seguiré llegint.

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