Valentine’s Day – CANCELLED!

Okay, so I really dislike Valentine’s day.?? Not just in a whiny-single-girl-anthem way, but like even when I’ve been attached on the Big V I’ve had extraordinarily bad things happen.???? Like a torn knee ligament that required surgery, huge fights resulting in breakups, broken alternators requiring me and three really unpleasant guys (only one of whom I was dating) to jump start a car 600 miles across two states in time for me to catch a plane home the next morning… it’s just not my favorite holiday.?? And given that it was invented in 1922 I believe, by the Hallmark corporation, I don’t have a lot of respect for it.?? And apparently, neither does the proprietor of this website.?? Yay for kindred spritis!?? I mean, I’m not as cynical as them, but I sure do like that this crap exists, haha.

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