So this is uncharacteristically after the fact of me, but here is an article from the P-I a couple weeks ago about my cell phone woes and the resultant happy aftermath. Long story short, I was having massive troubles with my crappy phone and crappy T-Mobile service – it had been good for ages and then both the service and the actual phone and battery started sucking all at once, hard. Plus I started suddenly texting with a certain few people a lot more (you know who you are!) so I was getting ridiculously expensive charges for that, and I didn’t want to pay $10/month for texting. So I sat around whining about it a lot and missing a lot of calls.

But as serendipity would have it, a friend at the P-I who used to have great advice column submissions decided to call in a “favor” – you’ll see why the quotations are merited in a few lines – for a colleague of hers. Seems the colleague needed a submission to her own Consumer Alerts type column, and well, my friend thought of me… which was quite convenient for me. So I wrote the friend’s friend (Candace, who wrote the article) and blathered on and on (of course, in my typical fashion, not realizing until after the fact that everything I said was in fact on the record) and she did all this awesome research, pitting companies against each other to win me as a customer given my ridiculous and lengthy and particular list of requirements, etc.

In the end, Verizon won, and I got myself one of them kickass Chocolate phones from LG. I was skeptical about having a phone that to me seemed like a 13 year old’s wet dream, plus I wasn’t sure about LG after having had Motorollas for my past three phones… but I got a great deal by quoting the Internet price to the in-store rep, and I got a bunch of free and discounted accessories (which is important for me since I never remember to charge my phone so I always just keep a charger at home, one at work, and one in the car. Memory therapy would probably be cheaper, in hindsight). It was a great deal, a great phone (with the slight exception that it’s easy to accidentally mute calls with your face if you use a touch-tone menu, because typing any number key unlocks the touch-sensitive panel your cheek rests against) and I’m excited to learn how to load mp3s onto it, something I have yet to find the time to do. But soon! And it takes pictures and videos, and has a pseudo Palm Pilot-y agenda function.

Best of all, this was ME doing a “favor” to HER. I kept asking my friend where I should send the fruit basket as a thank-you, and they seemed to think I was kidding…


  1. Seems like just about EVERYONE I know is switching to Verizon. They are all saying the coverage is much, much better.

    With a family plan some of them are even saying it’s cheaper.

    Sekonick stuck with T-Mobile, believe it or not.

    I was actualy tempted with that N90 for T-Mobile until I realized it didn’t have 850MHz.

    Okay – now ‘fess up – what’s your calling plan???

  2. You know, I really wish they would. It’s not brown, it doesn’t smell or taste good… I was really hoping it would at least be dark brown. That, or that they’d change the name to the EstrogenPhone or something. MenoPhone. It sounds like something for hormonal older women, like maybe a bad Cathy (TM) cartoon. Doesn’t it? Alas, I think it’s because it’s in “bar” form. Like, you know, soap. Why don’t they call THAT Chocolate (TM)? The world may never know. Wait, no, that’s Tootsie Rolls, DEFINITELY not Chocolate. Motherf*cker.

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