Vote, or suffer the consequences!

I’m all for voting, and I’m kind of against cruelty to animals (gasp!). So you can imagine my few seconds of blinking confused upset when I sleepily read the following line in an email from Grant (keep in mind when I’m not fully awake, I tend to take things a bit too literally):

Talk to you tomorrow. And you’d better vote, or I’m shaving the right side of the cat in protest.”

Shudder. Poor kitty. I know he was kidding, but it took a full 3 seconds of horror to get there. Ah, I should never read email half-asleep. Anyway, everybody please vote, the cat’s really cute and doesn’t deserve to be shorn. Plus you should vote anyway. Down with half-naked animals. Down with political apathy. Down with annoying campaign ads. Everybody vote, yay.

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  1. Shaving him might be the only way to get him to lose some weight. He used to be so much skinnier

    Or maybe we can just play Laser Pointer with him for two weeks straight. He’ll end up as lithe and athletic as a furry bat.

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