Wait til it sounds “really Jewish”…

I fucking hate cats.

Let me back up.

I know one shouldn’t blog angry, but I seriously don’t even think I’ll be able to get to sleep unless I get this off my chest.  We paid GOOD MONEY to see Jose Gonzalez “and friends” at Neumos tonight – “doors open at 8”.  Well they opened at 8ish, the first band played from 9:45-11ish, then the second “band” “played” from 11ish-midnightish, at which point she graciously let Jose play for the last forty minutes of the night.

“Band” #1 was a bunch of not at all funny, talented, or in any other way redeeming Brits, playing with Fisher Price toys into the microphone and making cat noises and saying fun words like “rectum” and “vagina” to make the audience laugh.  I wish so badly that I were kidding.

“Band” #2 was a crazy mannish Argentine chick with a shitty sense of humor, pitch, and “music” in general, whining into a mike and looping it over and over and playing with sound – she was seriously like a toddler with one of them push-the-buttony Fisher Price toys.  Again with the baby shit.

I did not got home until 1:15 for a show that claimed to start at 8, my feet, legs, back, and soul are killing me, and we only got to hear Jose for 40 minutes.

I’m storming off to bed in a huff now.  You can’t see or hear it, but trust me, I’m stormin’ and I’m huffin.  And I hate cats now.

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