We rock HARD in this household.

Now I don’t mean to claim that we’re the first, nor the best, of the Rock Band mockery centers. Certainly, there are a plethora of superior attempts* at mocking the most breakable hardware ever shipped. But alas, we don’t just Photoshop here — we show you the real thing. Apparently Grant and a couple of our drummer pals are just a little too rockin’ for the game’s max tolerance level.

Take THAT, Rock Band drum kit.The pedal smashup happened a few weeks into our ownership of this magnificent game, and we got a new one shipped to us pretty quickly. Then, we broke the drumsticks (although there’s no real photographic evidence — you can feel the crack but you can’t really see it too well).

And THAT.And then, of course, we broke through the actual PAD. We didn’t even notice for several weeks, because Grant tried to do some Rock Band arts & crafts to quiet the rat-tat-tat sound of the cheap plastic drumsmacks.**

And mind you, this is AFTER we already broke the guitar, and dealt with a USB hub that arrived broken. Yep, the mic is the only component so far that hasn’t kicked it, and we’re just counting. Let’s just say I’m glad they have as liberal a return policy as they do — although the “2nd Day Air” promises are still unfulfilled over a week later. Come on, EA, you owe us some instruments!

* H/T Something Awful
** Note to Imaginary Readers: Don’t bother attempting to do this. The end result is bits of felt all over your apartment, super-sore wrists from reduced springback while drumming, and the possibility of not even realizing when you crack your drum set. While they help a little with the noise, it’s not worth the tradeoff.

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