Week End Report, #1

So let’s recap, shall we?  I started a new job in which:

-one can view the Internet, one’s email, etc., as well as make and take personal calls within reason, as long as one gets one’s workload done, without a nitpicking, micromanaging boss staring over one’s shoulder

-one is basically one’s own boss for most practical purposes, but has access to helpful higher ups whenever one needs it

-one can basically make one’s own schedule, make time for doctor’s appts, errands, etc without drama

-one’s coworkers are kickass, fun, laid-back, helpful

-one gets to listen to music at work, eat free snacks

-part of one’s job description is to shoot the shit with incredibly fun clients

-one is under no real sales pressure (i.e. no quotas, etc.) but one occasionally receives commissions or bonuses for good sales

-another part of one’s job description is playing games

-one gets to keep up and improve one’s bilingual abilities and get paid for it

-one gets to wear jeans and tee-shirts instead of nylons and heels

It’s been a good week.  I know I was freaking out earlier, but now I am singing.  I LOVE MY JOB.

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