I heart the Nintendo Wii.  I got to play it last night for the first time and it is SO MUCH FUN.  Not only were WiiSports a good time (well, we only tried tennis and bowling, but both were awesomely fun and I can’t wait to try boxing), but I can even get in to games like Zelda because you get to go slashy-slashy and stabby-stabby with your little controllers, and Grant was showing me how you can cast your fishing rod, etc.  Awesome.  And we played Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and can I tell you, it satisfies that morbid part of me that is fascinated with injury and medicine and surgery?  I got to suture lacerations and drain and excise tumors and Grant got to pull glass out of wounds.  DUDE!  I like being a fake doctor.  Oh, and for some of the games you create yourself a little avatar called a Mii, and it’s so cute and funny to see little Grant and Virginia Miis – surprisingly accurate, thanks to Grant’s handiwork, I might add.  And every time you use the remote to point at a button, it makes a little vibratey-movement when you’re correctly targeting it.  Like a delightful little bunny rabbit in your hand, shivering in gamey joy.  Yes, exactly like that.  I LOVE THE WII!

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  1. Christian

    Sweet. Welcome to the fold. You should send me your Wii code so I can see your Miis.

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