Why I kept my Apple Watch

I bought an Apple Watch, which arrived (kinda late) on launch day, April 24th. I got the 42mm Sport with a white band, despite reservations about that exact model. I dithered for a while about whether to keep it or not, but… Continue Reading →

The Sweet Setup interview (way late, oops)

Virginia Roberts’ Mac and iOS setup


I was interviewed on The Sweet Setup waaaay back in February, but I totally forgot to post it here. Better late than never, right? :)

Do you want your smartwatch to look like jewelry?

I just had an interesting Twitter chat with Joe Macirowski about our various Apple Watch impressions. Joe said the 42 mm watch face was nicer to use, but that the 38 looked like jewelry, which he preferred. This seems worth… Continue Reading →

Buying vintage stuff online

I’ve long been skittish about buying vintage stuff online. But my taste has been skewing more antiques-y over the years, and lots of older furniture is built better than the stuff you can get at a reasonable price point these… Continue Reading →

Manly Wrists and Apple Watch

I have the opposite problem from most of you women in tech. I listen to Christina Warren and Serenity Caldwell and Joanna Stern talk about how excited they are that Apple is making a smaller size smartwatch face. Their wrists… Continue Reading →

A letter a week?

Last week I had a little silly Twitter fun. I feel like sending a pretty fancy letter. Who wants some mail? DM me your mailing address. Capping it at three letters for now because RSI. — Virginia Roberts (@askvirginia) February… Continue Reading →

Not that Virginia Roberts! :)

Many people have name twins. When I hadn’t yet married, my name twins were mostly elderly ladies in the southeast United States, because “Culler” is a more common surname in that area, and “Virginia” was popular there many decades ago. But… Continue Reading →


Intellectually, I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions—heck, I’m not even sure about how you capitalize and punctuate the phrase. :) I like to think that the time of year shouldn’t have a massive impact on deciding to… Continue Reading →

Internet Outrage Machine #1!

I was a contestant on the inaugural episode of Internet Outrage Machine, a new 5by5 podcast that’s sort of a comedic game show about current events. You know, like Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, but rougher and raunchier and geekier. Give… Continue Reading →


I have hardcore tennis elbow. I’ve spent a couple grand accommodating this. Maybe you can learn from my ergonomic expenditures. My ergonomic backstory In 2008, the job market was not so hot. I had worked my first ever tech contract,… Continue Reading →

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