Speaking in Portland and San Francisco

I’m speaking at two upcoming events—I’d love it if you came! First we have Donut.js, a casual gathering that is so very Portland. “A fun night of code and donuts” is the slogan, and your entry includes a donut, come on!… Continue Reading →

Support Live Captioning at UIKonf

My friends and acquaintances in the tech industry constantly impress me. It’s inspiring and humbling to know so many people who are determined to help change tech by making sure it’s a welcoming community for marginalized people. My pals Doug,… Continue Reading →

Back to Big Tech :)

I started a job at Microsoft last month. That’s right, I’m no longer an online dating coach! Now I’m a full-time Program Manager, working with early access customers to improve our products. I’m SO excited. (You might be surprised that… Continue Reading →

Let’s all cry at conferences

I just got back from xoxofest; I almost immediately set upon writing this piece on Medium. … I cried a lot. And so did a lot of other people I know there. And we were all sorta embarrassed/ashamed. Which is weird,… Continue Reading →

iMore piece on Apple Watch bands

Hey y’all! In case you missed the tweet, I worked my old Apple Watch band blog post into a piece for iMore this week. Enjoy! (Or rage-comment, if that’s your thing! I employed my good husband to filter the useful… Continue Reading →

NSBrief and Watchscreen

Back in June, I was interviewed by Saul Mora on NSBrief Podcast, talking about app development and whatnot despite having very little voice left after a busy WWDC week! Give it a listen here. And earlier today, I was featured… Continue Reading →

My red and gold Edition review

I recently purchased an Edition in red and gold. Given that this was an expensive item, I wanted to review it thoroughly in case it helps anyone else make this purchase decision. Shipping My Edition came in time for me… Continue Reading →

Why I volunteer with App Camp for Girls

You’ve probably heard of App Camp for Girls by now, right? It’s a fantastic organization founded by Jean MacDonald, who is a friend of mine as well as a an amazing, smart, experienced, well-connected, fun, patient, and tireless advocate for… Continue Reading →

Why I kept my Apple Watch

I bought an Apple Watch, which arrived (kinda late) on launch day, April 24th. I got the 42mm Sport with a white band, despite reservations about that exact model. I dithered for a while about whether to keep it or not, but… Continue Reading →

The Sweet Setup interview (way late, oops)

I was interviewed on The Sweet Setup waaaay back in February, but I totally forgot to post it here. Better late than never, right? :)

I was interviewed on The Sweet Setup waaaay back in February, but I totally forgot to post it here. Better late than never, right? :)

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