Garden learnings so far

I threw together a blog post of all I was going to attempt to do to quickly get a pulled-together-looking garden, with minimal effort. Let’s revisit and see how things are shaping up now that spring has sprung! Things I’d do differently next time: Prioritising pollinators! I sort of assumed that most flowering plants were… Continue reading Garden learnings so far

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That buttermilk terra cotta pot ageing trick

I didn’t believe the hype. Then I tried it. It worked surprisingly well! So I figured I’d shared what I did. First, I made a mixture of unsweetened yoghurt (not Greek), buttermilk, and a bit of powdered sugar. I pulled up a few bits and bobs of moss from around my garden and sort of… Continue reading That buttermilk terra cotta pot ageing trick

Shortcuts for a pulled-together garden

I went from being pretty meh at designing interiors, to being pretty excellent at it – primarily by learning the “rules” of interior design. I decided to try and strategically learn the aesthetic rules for having a more pulled-together-looking garden, too, since prior attempts have always been a hodgepodge that looked chaotic and unconsidered at… Continue reading Shortcuts for a pulled-together garden

Name Your Thing!

I spoke at AltConference 2017 about how to name things. Last year when I spoke at AltConf 2016, things went really well… and I was invited to speak again in 2017 on the spot! (And I accepted on the spot, haha.) I actually started brainstorming this talk right then and there, so I had an… Continue reading Name Your Thing!

My AltConf 2016 talk: Sell Out and Save the World!

Woohoo! I’m so excited! Last year I spoke at AltConf in San Francisco during Apple’s WWDC week. I’m really proud of the talk I gave I had refined it a bunch, tested it in front of different audiences, and poured a lot of my soul into it. (And yes, a lot of emojis.) It’s a… Continue reading My AltConf 2016 talk: Sell Out and Save the World!

My top Grace Hopper session takeaways

I just wrote up a trip report for my team at Microsoft, highlighting at least one takeaway from each session I attended at Grace Hopper 2016. It occurs to me that I should share that with the rest of the world, too. Here they are!   Growth and comfort never coexist.” “Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman, President… Continue reading My top Grace Hopper session takeaways

After Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper Celebration was a fantastic experience. I learned so much and met so many fascinating people, and when you get in that conference groove mindset you really connect! There’s something about a female-centric space that’s so special and supportive in its energy–it’s something I realize now that I didn’t fully appreciate while I was… Continue reading After Grace Hopper