I have an unusually large number of email addresses (something like 40 existing, 20 active, 5 very active). When possible I funnel them all through the same inbox, but I’m running into some frustrating tech issues so I was considering a shift.

I did a little informal polling to take the temperature of my tweeps on this issue. This is by no means a typical societal sampling; I tend to follow fairly techy and geeky people, many of whom pay close attention to these sorts of details, just as I do.

The results were diverse and illuminating to me, so I figured I’d organize and share them in case it sheds any light for other business owners who struggle with email perception dilemmas! :)

General thoughts

The Pro-AOL camp, sort of:

The Same Domain As Business Site camp:

After that, I clarified my thinking that I was planning on switching from a theheartographer.com email address to a virginiaroberts.com email address for my Heartographer contact page.

On Your Name Dot Com domains

The Security Concerns camp:

What am I missing here?

Haha, character limits made me pare down my list. But we agreed that we rank Yahoo between Hotmail and Gmail on the sketch scale.

My takeaway

After weighing all this, I probably won’t end up changing a thing, haha. That is, I’ll keep using a theheartographer.com address on my theheartographer.com business site.

But this was a fun poll! now I feel like I have even clearer reasons now for rocking as many different email addresses as I do. And at least one other person found it helpful:

You still have to pick a decent domain, though!