Fun with science (and fancy dishes)

Listen, don’t judge. I’m not normally a person who serves stuff in/on/under silver. But sometimes life hands you occasions to bring on the fancy. And usually I’m drastically under-prepared for said occasions because my fancy is covered in a chemical reaction known as “tarnish” that is apparently made up of tiny sulphuric airborne particles. Who… Continue reading Fun with science (and fancy dishes)

Yahoo pipes = rad, but HARD!

When I had Grant help design/redesign/build this site, I wasn’t totally clear what I wanted. Basically, I knew I needed a portal for my occasional blog posts that didn’t fall under, or, but beyond that I also wanted it to serve as a sort of “all about Virginia” portal that easily… Continue reading Yahoo pipes = rad, but HARD!

Plastic Sucks

Aaaah. I’ve been whining about how I hate plastic for ages, but finally, some hard evidence in agreement that hasn’t been inaccurately discredited by!* A webcomic I read recently linked to this article, which I think all you Imaginary Readers plus everyone else in the world should read. Why? Well, mostly because even knee-jerk… Continue reading Plastic Sucks

I’m the host with the most

So I’ve been sick on and off for almost a month now, in a weird stomach-but-not-flu way that comes and goes unexpectedly and sporadically, and kind of zapped my appetite and ability to really enjoy food, and whose effects never seemed to last more than about a day. And since I’m unusually succeptible to food… Continue reading I’m the host with the most