Family wish lists

Amazon deprecated their universal wish list functionality, so I guess I’m back to sticking things we’re excited to have as gifts on a web page so that our family members can have easy reference.

I’ll also link to our existing Amazon wish lists, but anything that can’t be bought on Amazon I’ll stick here below.

Seffie: Kids Amazon wish list. Seffie is pretty stereotypically into unicorns, rainbows, glitter, mermaids, cats/cute animals, pink. She also loves science kits, cutting/scissors and fun washi tape, all manner of art projects, and hair bows and clips that stay in her fine hair and aren’t too heavy.

Seffie’s special cereal bowl broke a while back, so she’d love a replacement and I’m thinking this could do

She’d really love a dollhouse but we’ve dragged on this what with having enough space to display and play with them, I’m thinking perhaps this nice big one that opens up could be good yet is painfully expensive. Or you could go in this equally expensive direction. It *is* probably worth a bigger one with lots of rooms to muck about in and we’re happy to make it a joint gift with us parents

She would go nuts for this cardigan with a sort of built-in toy or this one, 5-6 size

She’d also be into this dragon jumper, 5-6 again

I keep wanting to buy her this parrot dress

Both kids love bath bombs; we find them annoying if they take too long but any that are like quick dissolve are great

Seffie would adore one of these iconic clocks

She’d also love this croissant necklace hahahahahahah

These magic pens would be a huuuuuge hit

Unsurprisingly, the first thing she blasted through of our many craft kids is the stick-on rhinestones; she’d love more for decorating basically everything

She wants this lego castle

She’d love some Sylvanian Family toys!

Storm: Kids Amazon wish list. Storm loves video game stuff, be it Mario, Kirby, Dragon Quest, Slime Rancher, Undertale, Pikmin, Minecraft, Rabbids, Animal Crossing, or something else. His tastes evolve with whatever he’s currently playing, but he always loves books in those, shirts, etc. He’s about an 8 in t-shirts and somehow a 10 in trousers.

Storm has become super into the idea of getting a real nutcracker that actually cracks nuts. Apparently only German ones are strong enough for this. One option is this but there don’t seem to be any nut-cracking ones that are cheaper than about that price point

Storm loves a sloth

He’s on a huge Dr. Seuss kick which is helping him embrace learning to read with much more joy and gusto than any other author. I’ll list all the ones we don’t have, please forgive the lazy titles: Trees, zoo , Marvin, Wocket, Mayzie, Lucky, Pup, Reptiles, Mice, Not today, Duck Feet, People House, Sneetches, Wednesday, Yertle, Sleep, Up, Add, Horse, Horton, Places, Thidwick, Grinch 1, Grinch 2, Pet, Reading

Storm has gotten super into science stuff and had a lot of fun doing experiments with a gift that was technically meant for Seffie. I’ve seen these little microscopes a ton on social media and am tempted to get one or maybe two if they’re cheap enough so they don’t fight, heh

He hasn’t really been bitten by the lego bug yet but his best friend is super into them and he’s getting more into them each day. he’d love this piranha plant one

Virginia: Amazon list; joint family Amazon list

More than anything I’d like museum memberships! Tate, Soane, V&A, Royal Academy, and National Trust would all be amazing.

Coveting this shower curtain

We need a better throw blanket in our living room – something that matches our scheme (white, blue/turquoise but not too greeny), bright pink – but it has to be machine washable and dryable (no wool). The closest I came was

Super duper want a little guitar amp like this

I love so many of the earrings by this north London brand we discovered in our first home here, métier by tomfoolery! These and these and these (in sapphire screw back) and these and these and these and so many more but I’ll stop now

Very keen to someday own this cushion or this one or also this one (expensive cushion taste, I know)

I’ve had about ten cheaper travel toiletries bags that always fall apart on me. I want to get a nicer quality one; have my eye on this from TUMI but more money than most gifting occasions warrant.

We’ve had many an insufficient frying pan, especially non-stick. We’ve done some research and would like one of these. We could also use one baking tray and one knife sharpener. (This website in general is so great because they test things for longevity and only stock stuff that won’t break.)

Adore lots of Food 52 items – great spot to shop for me (not just kitchen items) – they curate a whole marketplace but don’t ship to UK

We lack any matching glasses – tumblers, old fashioned, wine, champagne – we have none between moving and children and breaking things. This site has gorgeous stuff and surprisingly decent prices for crystal and beautifully delicate motifs. I would rather buy vintage since there’s lots of cool options for that here, but it might be easier to just pounce on something there! (I like the stars and the Greek Key but they’re all pretty)

It would makes sense to have this cookbook set someday

Been thinking it’s time to commit to a UK stand mixer and some attachments (ice cream first, haha)

I’ve long wanted classier looking board games like this Monopoly, Scattergories, Boggle, a trio with Clue,

I think it’s nice to have a proper actual radio, and this one is the best.

If we ever get rich we’ll get one of these (and this marble cuckoo clock or this marble cuckoo clock – I’ve longed for one for years)

Matilda Goad is a lovely site that has nice posh candles and many other great gifts. And what a cute advent candle!

Also been long seeking one of these sleek wall-mounted greenhouses

This Australian company Sage & Clare has the best bedding I’ve ever found, to the point where it’s worth paying for the high cost of international shipping and customs! I’d love a gift certificate there (and we’d also love brightly coloured and patterned fun linen and cotton bedding but we would probably have to pick the patterns)

I keep seeing rechargeable lamps everywhere and many look cheap but I have been hunting for a nice one; this is the nicest or perhaps this

As an anti-monarchist I can only obtain any sort of coronation paraphernalia ironically, but if I were going to buy something to commemorate it, this is the prettiest I’ve seen

This basket would do nicely to hide junk in a pretty fashion

Would with great joy display this on our wall somewhere prominent

We have some great fancy tumbler glasses from Jonathan Adler that we got ages ago and they’re only now sadly starting to decline. I’d adore new ones: these, these, these perhaps, idk idk idk!

Grant: Amazon list

Start here book is a great looking cookbook to level up his family dinner making confidence (we try to hard to share this duty but I am a more experienced and thus comfortable cook – but he’s really been wanting to learn!)

Pretty much everything from Shinola is amazing for either me or Grant

Grant has been wanting to get a bezel for our 2023 Samsung Frame TV (50″), I think he likes this one best

We’d also love a subscription to the Samsung TV art store as a gift; we let our free trial expire but we miss it! He’d find that a nice surprise

It would be great fun to get Grant this jug which I cannot afford to buy on a whim, but perhaps you can (unlikely but who knows) same with this lovely mug . Lots of cool vintage Wedgwood stuff with London theme

We like clocks by Newgate but not with Roman numerals or ticks, only Arabic numbers, to help the kids learn