Futuristic Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk ChalkCheck out this sidewalk chalk I spotted at Target the other day. I tell ya, these kids of ours are getting spoiled.

Not only does it have nicely-pointed, bi-color sticks (with secondary and even tertiary colors, as opposed to the old-school pink, blue and yellow), but they’re apparently 3-D.

Yep, you just put on your special Crayola (TM) goggles, and the whole world shifts and it looks like your damn driveway butterfly is flapping its gossamer wings or something. I don’t know. I sort of half-heartedly tried to test them out in the store, but I probably would’ve been escorted out if I’d been successful.

When I was a kid, sidewalk chalk came in a BUCKET. I’m just sayin’. Next thing you know we’re gonna have sentient Barbies running around freaking out about their outdated hairstyles and whatnot.

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