It’s a small, small world (Christie Decker please call me!)

So I was just down at the MOST ADORABLE card and gift store near Pioneer Square, called “Green Garden”, and it was absolutely adorable.?? So adorable that, in fact, when I was just there to buy one simple card, I wound up buying two plus two gifts for upcoming birthday as their stuff was so darn great.?? So I’m chitchatting with one of the owners while she’s gift-wrapping my stuff, and we’re chatting about beading/jewelry making, and I start blabbering about how there’s this incredible jewelry artist whose stuff is on display at Fireworks and whose stuff I just want to eat up and whom I keep trying to track down so I can custom commission something, but Fireworks isn’t big on putting me in touch with her, blah blah… and then I say her name and the lady freaks out because she’s obsessed with the same woman and has also been trying to track her down because she absolutely loves loves loves her stuff and I think wants to sell it in her store.?? Small world!?? So, calling all Pac NW jewelry network people – can you put me (us) in touch with Christie Decker??? We’ll love you forever!

Christie Decker, if you somehow Google yourself and come across this, please get in touch :)?? I want to buy everything you’ve ever made.?? I want to commission stuff from you and pay you what Fireworks would sell it for and make you filthy rich.?? Please call me.

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