Know what sucks?

When three days in a row, you get woken up by a mysterious 1-800 caller who lets it ring JUST long enough to rouse you but not long enough for you to answer, and who never leaves a message, but keeps calling back so you eventually call THEM in frustration and ask what’s up and to try and get taken off their earlybird list, and it turns out they’re a collection agency, but they have no idea who you are or why someone has been calling your number over and over again without ever leaving a message, and you’re in the process of trying to qualify for a mortgage, so you want your credit to remain sparklingly perfect, and the collection guy’s all “Well, we usually call people when they’re in serious default and yes it definitely affects your credit, but let’s see, ah, I don’t… know… why you’re on your list,” and you ask if he thinks someone has been mis-dialing a number repeatedly at the same time each morning, and he agrees that that’s unlikely, and you ask if any other name is associated with your number, and he says no, and you ask him to look into it and please call back, and he never does, and you’re left annoyed and early-bird awakened and paranoid that you don’t get to buy a house because some idiot can’t hit the right digits or something. That’s what sucks.

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