Laundry Service

No, not the cheesy Shakira album. I mean actual, paid laundry service.

Servicio de LavanderíaSee, we have assigned time slots in our building to do laundry in the shared, coin-op laundry room. And lately, some inconsiderate neighbors have been stealing our time slot, despite the fact that we repeatedly leave increasingly frustrated-yet-still-begrudgingly-polite notes about it. (At first, we figured it couldn’t possibly be the same people over and over again, and that it must just be new-ish tenants who didn’t realize there was a schedule. But then, our caretaker informed us that it’s the same assholes over and over again, so now we’re in full combat mode.)

Needless to say, the fact that they’d thwarted our FOUR most recent attempts to do laundry had left us with quite the backup. So I caved, and we looked into getting professional laundry service. And can I just tell you, MY GOD IS IT WORTH IT.

For a mere $0.95/pound, Russell will come by your place, pick up all your dirty things, wash them according to your specifications with your choice of products, and return them within a day clean and dry and nicely folded and bagged. You don’t even have to drop it off or pick it up. He says his rates may go up soon, but considering that we did at least four loads worth for $35, I’m not too freaked out about it.

Don’t get me wrong — this is a major splurge for us, so it will probably never become our principal form of laundry-doing (at least not unless we’re making six figures each). And now that we know we have the building’s proactive caretaker in our court, we’ll probably continue to do battle with our neighbors until we win. (Next week: Me sitting in the laundry room reading, waiting until they show up so I can confront them in person. Fun, fun.) But still — this was a very welcome help-in-a-pinch option, and I plan on having Russell come take care of our excess sheets and towels again the next time we have houseguests!


  1. The most common response to “we are using your laundry slot” is “oops, did I throw your laundry on the floor? Must have been because this was my time your were wasting. Thanks!”

  2. True, but he migrated over to Seattle Laundry Service which provides the same service at only slightly higher prices. (I know, because we just submitted our very last order with them! We bought a house with a W/D so we can do our laundry like grown ups now.)

    Even though I still consider it a splurge, I do highly recommend Seattle Laundry Service to anyone who needs them — they actually do a better job than just Russel on his own did — more staff = better attention to details like crazy scheduling, etc. Plus they’re more email friendly.

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