Owl Haven

Wow, I’ve been off the blogosphere for a WHILE now! But I swear, I have a good excuse — I went to my college reunion. (OK, that was weeks ago, but since then I’ve both gotten sick and started a new job, both of which suck up valuable blogging time. But it all started with that college reunion.)

Bryn Mawr is a bit odd in that we don’t have an official school mascot. But our unofficial one is the wise old owl. (Gives ya some insight as to how we spoiled pretentious nerd-girls view ourselves, I guess.) I’ve always kinda dug the owl mascot, though — few people who went to BMC did so for the great sports teams or Greek system. It’s all about the academics, and our friendly little pseudo-mascot backs that up nicely.

And in recent years, the owl motif has become SUPER trendy. They’ve been all over clothing, jewelry and accessories for a while, and they’re popping up on more and more household items now. (I myself have at least two owl shirts, an owl purse, at least one pair of owl shoes, quite a bit of owl jewelry, and a pair of owl bookends.) This aviary surplus has been nice for us Bryn Mawr grads — we all wind up snatching nearly every owl-spangled item we lay eyes on, as a subtle way to pay tribute to our alma mater. (And yes, we all compared owl gear at the reunion.)

But seriously, people. This has got to stop somewhere. My last trip to Ross Dress for Less, in which I sought only sheets, led me to one of the eeriest shelf displays of all time. I mean, there is such a thing as TOO MANY OWLS. And these three aren’t even cute, they’re just vaguely avian and bug-eyed. Please take note, Housewares Department. They were better when they were just on shirts.

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