Piece of Mind

So there’s this stupid little head shop in Fremont and Lake City called Piece of Mind. Now you MIGHT think that’s a cute little pun, but let’s examine things closer. Take a look at their logo to the left.

So that’s a PEACE symbol, right? Like, world peace, peace on earth, peace and goodwill. Or PEACE of MIND. So you see, the name PIECE OF MIND would only be a good pun if the interpretation of the homonym /pIs/ that they were going for was, in fact, the PIECE meaning. I.e. a piece of pie, let me give you a piece of my mind, etc. FOR EXAMPLE.

So unless they’re trying to indicate that their shop, instead of giving one ‘piece of mind’, actually somehow robs them of a small piece of their mind, then they’re clearly not quite grasping the concept here. And if, in fact, the whole piece thing IS in fact their desired marketing angle, then God help us all.

As another case study, let’s take a looksie at an example of a GOOD pun using the term /pIs/: Peace a Pizza, whose logo and name ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE. Because, you see, traditionally you eat a PIECE of pizza, so changing their name to reflect the PEACE meaning instead is actually a valid pun here, that’s witty and consistent with their logo and branding. Please take note, stoners of Seattle. Put down the pipe and pick up a thesaurus.

GOD THIS INFURIATES ME SO MUCH EVERY TIME I DRIVE BY THE PLACE. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest, Imaginary Readers. All better now.


  1. They call pipes “pieces.” As in, that’s a nice piece, where did you buy it at? Prob. the pun was intended that way ;)

  2. Huh… guess it makes a little more sense that way. If they’d kill the damn peace symbol in the logo, I could let the pun rest in peace. See what I did there?

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