Re-greening my thumb

So I’ve been on a bit of a blog break, yes — it’s because we’re sort of maybe kind of attempting to buy a home, perhaps. (We’re still working on the details.) But the prospect of a) having a garden again for the first time in almost 5 years, plus b) restoring our houseplant collection since last year’s engagement sort of left me so busy that I killed them all, well… it’s been Nursery Time for me!

Literally the only plants I had left were a couple sad succulents from my Copper Vine Groupon that had gone awry, and a tiny rubber plant whose last leaf fell off this week. (Oops.) So after some minor link-hopping, I discovered from re-nest that certain lovely-smelling plants would help us sleep better AND freshen the air, and certain other plants would help clean the air. Perfect excuse for a Molbak’s run to prep for our (fingers crossed) new house!

This has got to be the wold's saddest rubber plant! I wish I could photograph the scent of an open blossom for you. But even the unopened buds are so cute! This guy was so thirsty and dried out for so long, and now he's mad at me for watering to help set the terrarium soil. Sigh.

Because I didn’t want to get any HUGE new plants that would be traumatized by two trips in a row, I just limited it to a small sansivieria, a tiny jasmine polyanthus and a tiny gardenia bush. But in mucking about with those, I also got inspired to replant one of my succulents into a makeshift terrarium. (Which I then over-watered and traumatized, but I figured it’ll readjust and forgive me if I predictably ignore it for a while. It felt good to get dirt under my fingernails again for the first time in ages!

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  1. So sad: all three of the above-pictured plant scenarios totally died. Yeah. I failed there. But I DID manage to nurse the gardenia I bought back to life, and I got a new (pricier, for the same size) jasmine polyanthus at Swanson’s. And the sansivierias are doing fine at my and Grant’s respective offices. So there’s that!

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