More defense of email

We all know that many big tech figures hate email. Merlin, Dan, and Marco have all been pretty vocal about this, and I totally get it they’re media figures in a way I’m not so they get flooded in a way I don’t. But I still maintain that email is the best medium for oh… Continue reading More defense of email

On additional inboxes

I know many hardcore tech nerds are not Facebook users, so the first few points here may seem irrelevant. But whether you yourself participate in it or not, I think we can all agree that Facebook is kind of a big deal, especially to the non-geek world. So many people have joined it that it’s… Continue reading On additional inboxes

Yahoo pipes = rad, but HARD!

When I had Grant help design/redesign/build this site, I wasn’t totally clear what I wanted. Basically, I knew I needed a portal for my occasional blog posts that didn’t fall under, or, but beyond that I also wanted it to serve as a sort of “all about Virginia” portal that easily… Continue reading Yahoo pipes = rad, but HARD!

Daisy saves the day!

Here’s hoping this Facebook email thread needs no real intro: —–Original Message to Facebook—– From: Virginia Culler To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: PRIVACY-BUGS: “Wallster” app — spam/worm User id: xxxxxxxxx Description of problem: I received a message from an alleged Facebook app called “Wallmaster”, informing me that a picture from my profile had been used on… Continue reading Daisy saves the day!