I write in many different styles and registers, and about many different subjects. This collection of clips is just a small sampling of my work. Please e-mail me directly if you have any questions or would like additional samples that are targeted for a particular project. Note that many bylines use my maiden name, Virginia Culler.

Social media

Blogs and websites online dating news and advice My online dating consultation company, with my marketing copy mainly technology, design, décor, and some humor a beauty blog a food blog

Technical Clips
Windows Secrets column on Windows Update
Windows Secrets column on Microsoft PR
Windows Secrets column on USB flash drives
Senior Thesis for Linguistics BA, on comparative Romance morphosyntax (thesis is in PDF format; please e-mail me to request alternative formats).

Gastronomy clips
Marketing piece: Slow Food makes for tastier, healthier meals (Casa Oliver Newsletter, 2007)
Review: The Collins Pub (Seattle Pulse, 2005)

Informal articles Humor, Politics and Lifestyle
Suggested Follow-Ups to the 2006 Washington State Smoking Ban (Seattle Pulse, 2006)
Selections from advice column: Off Culler (Seattle Pulse, 2005″2006)

The Stranger, Love In The Checkout Lane, February 2005
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Trader Joe’s shoppers in the market for love, April 2005
ELLE Magazine, Home Improvement, January 2008 (reprinted with permission)

*Extremely* Informal Clips Tongue-In-Cheek Humor is a website that started in San Francisco, but has grown into one of the most well-known URLs of our time. Its Best-Of section contains a collection of posts so popular that readers anonymously voted them into this online hall of fame. Several of my postings have won this quirky but highly sought-after distinction. I think they’re indicative of some of the humor that I produce when writing in my most unrestrained voice. Please note that these may contain somewhat adult humor as well as profanity and buckets of sarcasm.

With that out of the way, please proceed with due caution:
#1, Missed Connection with a Pair of Curtains
#2, To Mr. Aisle-Seat Jackass
#3, Missed Connection with My Perfect Geek
#4, Baby, will you kill my spiders?