Comment-free zone

I’m experimenting with something new. Although I’m nowhere near as famous or rad as Marco Arment or John Gruber, I’m going to copy their style and eliminate comments from future blog posts, starting now. My experience in my extremely intermittent blogging over the years is that comments rarely add much value, and most discussions about a post wind up on social media anyway. I kind of like Gruber’s reasoning that he wants to “own every pixel on this page” ” I’ve had a few slightly divisive posts that seem to draw negativity out of the woodwork without really adding much in the positive. Tweaking comment fields sometimes annoys me, and I feel like until the “subscribe via email” plugin was popularized, people didn’t come back to be a part of any follow-up discussion. So. Marco convinced me. I’m done. Let’s see if this hacked-together custom CSS theme reflects that change in my settings, eh? (Don’t answer that. Oh wait, you can’t. Heh.)