Search engine terms are SO weird

I just thought you should know that, since I installed JetPack a few months ago, these are the search terms by which people have apparently found this site. Some of them totally make sense; some less so. Perhaps you’ll find them even a smidge amusing; I sure did.

virginia roberts 36
cherry blossom shirt 6
peace of mind symbol 2
renaissance of the 12th century fashion 2
virginiaroberts 2
my period app 2
qr girls 2
viagra tm pen 2
“whitney hess” harassed 1
virginia roberts 15 1
new imac disappointing 1
peace of pizza logo 1
stark house inside 1
peace pizza 1
does tarnex silver cleaner have expiration dates 1
slanted mouse pad tennis elbow 1
wordpress squarespace 1
cherry penny blossom 1
virginia roberts “work 1
what does “in re the bunny” mean? 1
cherry blossom toenails 1
gay chair edging 1
virgina roberts wa 1
kate spade bedding 1
cat lovelorn 1
arco lamp tony stark 1
“virginia roberts” memphis blog 1
arco lamp 1
tony stark workshop floor plan 1
small old cognac bottles 1
furniture in tony stark’s house 1
expensive plywood recliner 1
virginia schist 1
where can i find maple walnut ice cream in manassas virginia 1
spleening me 1
grey cabinets with white chicken wire 1
virginia roberts heartographer 1
iron man arco 1
qr codes of girls 1
“virginia roberts” arte 1
how much equity did marco arment have in tumblr 1
va chanterelles season 1
how to access emoticons in ipad mini when plugged in logitech keyboard 1
peace of mind logo 1
katie holmes in boots & jeans with child 1
twitter marco arment helicopter 1
harassment at work how to advocate for yourself 1
autocorrect death 1
current artist va roberts 1
chipotle app update 3.0.3 sucks 1
spleening 1
qr code girls 1
qr code of girls 1
an open letter to potential employers 1
stop spleening me 1
back to mac 1
elom fuck some one 1
qr codes girls 1
soap bubbles on road 1
i want to creat an app what are the requirements 1
yacht arment twitter 1
i suck at photoshop 1
crate and barrel office chair eames knock off 1
cajun dialect 1
form over function