Animal Crossing décor inspiration

Grant and I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on his new (pale pink) 3DS. I’m the mayor of the town, because Grant’s a sweetheart, and he’s just a citizen. We have tons of pals who are playing, too, so we’ve really enjoyed it. He played the original GameCube version, and maybe a bit… Continue reading Animal Crossing décor inspiration

A note (or novella) on harassment

On The Crossover Episode 8 today, a very important conversation happened. Sarah Parmenter and Whitney Hess joined Dan and Haddie to speak about serious harassment that both women have experienced. Sarah’s story in particular was harrowing, in that someone specifically targeted her by faking porn pictures of her and going out of his (come on,… Continue reading A note (or novella) on harassment

Only at Nintendo

So in a nutshell, working at Nintendo has been lovely. According to company policy, however, I shall not be discussing anything remotely contentful relating to my work there. Thus, Imaginary Readers, I leave you with this linguistic/gamer tidbit. On the fridge in the break room, there is a sign that asks employees to take home… Continue reading Only at Nintendo