A study in contrasts

Kate Spade of yore. I believe the white was cotton, and the black/pink accents were canvas.Back in the day, Kate Spade used to make some FANTASTIC bedding. I could never afford them, but I wanted one of her duvet sets sooooo baaaad — there was one in hot pink, black and white (I know it sounds like Betsy Johnson On Crack In Bed, but stay with me) that had canvas textured designs on cotton, and it was like Barbie married Mondrian. In a good way. So classy and chic and clean yet still feminine and powerful but not enough to keep you from sleeping peacefully. Sigh. I can’t recall the name so it’s hard to find images, but I managed to wrangle this tiny pic from an old Kaboodle listing.

Blech!Apartment Therapy recently teased that a new Kate Spade bedding collection was forthcoming, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting more pictures. Well, today they delivered — and nearly all us readers compulsively retched. Ugh! I actually went so far as to whip up this blog post in distaste, partly so I could link to this image of what Kate Spade Bedding of Yore looked like in the AT comments. Sometimes new does not mean improved. I forget where, but I swear I read somewhere that Kate herself no longer actually designs for her line — and it shows.

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