Adventures in Texas

Between the dancing (including line dancing) until my feet literally ached all the way through, and the simultaneously playing Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble at one-thirty in the morning, and the shopping, and the hundred-five-degree weather, and all the lizards and mosquitoes and ten-gallon hats, and the partying like it’s 1999, it’s been an interesting and wonderful trip. It’s been amazing to see old friends and catch up, and it’s crazy to go to my first wedding of someone in my inner circle. Some highlights:

-When you’re the only one seeing someone so the entire wedding party insists that you “take one for the team” and “DIVE” for the bouquet, and then when it’s thrown nowhere near you they see to it that it gets kicked so that it lands in front of your feet to facilitate said diving, well… yeah.

-There was a GECKO in our SHOWER one morning and I felt bad for it so after I showered I scooped it up to try and rescue it (i.e. put it outside) only in the process I accidentally broke off its tiny tail and I know they can grow new ones but let me just tell you folks, that whole bit where they say the tail keeps moving after it comes off to trick predators into thinking it’s alive or something? True story. Very unsettling.

-While on my way to dropping a friend off at the airport, I made the stellar decision that we should stop for a snack at Jack in the Box, which we did… so then we had full containers of fries in our laps when we arrived. So I pulled into the load/unload zone and we started eating them, as quickly as we could… and one of the airport security guards of course came up to us. We tried to just keep nonchalantly eating and not look her in the eye, but she tapped on the passenger window… and said “If you’re gonna sit here, keep the door open.” Your guess is as good as mine.

-I purchased a very real, very Texan cowboy hat, and had it CUSTOM STEAMED to shape it right for my face/head! Yeehaw, baby. The man who sold it to me put me in the exact same model he was wearing. I’m honored.

-There was a margarita machine at the wedding reception.

So anyway, all in all it was a fabulous trip. I’d love to get to know Austin better some day, but for now I’ll stick with drunken pool parties with old pals and their family… my next reunion tour starts two days after I get home, so this is a pretty amazing month for me. Bring it on!

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