Blizzard Content Alert

Grant and I started playing World of Warcraft a little over a year ago. Heura, aka And it’s no secret that I’ve gotten into it since then. But recently, that kind of escalated.

We finally hit level 70 with our respective characters, which (for you non-gamers) is the highest level achievable in the game. And ever since hitting level 70, the game changed significantly.

Now we’re totally hardcore in a way we never were before — Blizzard was so right on it with making satisfying end-game content that we never run out of cool stuff to do. And in fact, instead of feeling like we need to complete lame quest chains for the sake of XP, we can just abandon anything that annoys us and know there’s plenty else to do. Sure, some of it is repeats, so it can get dull — but you learn and hone your strategy and grouping techniques the whole time, so it stays pretty fresh (at least so far).

Couple that with the fact that we were crowned guild officers shortly after achieving 70 and, well, we’re pretty WoW-tastic these days. So for you non-gaming Imaginary Readers, I just want to warn you that there may be some more video game drivel coming up. In fact, I’m so WoW-focused that I’m even creating a tag specifically for WoW.

Just thought I’d warn you all, since there’s something of an anti-WoW stigma out there — even within the video game industry. Just the other day, an old high school classmate I randomly added on Facebook messaged me to say I’d better stay away from WoW and that it was a huge waste of time. Not that I can argue, but… hell no! We have so much FUN wasting our time like this. And I feel like my learning curve in the past month has more than quadrupled.

ETA, since Grant was jealous that he didn’t get a screen shot too:


Cute how he had to awkwardly crop in part of the WoW logo in order to fit his GINORMOUS BLAZING SWORD, eh? That’s my man.

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