El saga del trabajo

So the new job is totally getting better with every minute.  I’m doing much better with my espanol, and I’ve learned to successfully pull the “I’m the new gringa, please speak slowly” in what is apparently a charming enough manner to work on even the trickiest accents.  That, and I’m finally starting to understand our product line better.

Yeah, about that: did I mention that I get paid to SLAY DRAGONS?  Sort of.  Whatever, I dig it.

So anyway, mucho mejor all around, and I love getting to Spanglish it up OTJ, not to mention listening to KEXP online for the first time ever, and being able to go to the gym in the morning and not freak out about what time I leave, and eating less because I have a job that keeps me a) happy and b) busy enough to not do the whole snack because I’m frustrated or stressed or bored thing.  So basically, I’m a happy chica over here.  I don’t adore the commute, but hey, could be worse – and I’m learning tricky ways to avoid the icky parts of it.

So, does anyone wanna meet up in Whitecenter for lunch sometimes?  Yes, you read that right.  No, I’m not kidding.  Well, maybe a little – South Park (WA, not CO) actually has some kickass Mexican food too, I’m told.  Atentamente esperando sus respuestas…

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