Excerpts from Elevatorland

On the way back from lunch, enter ME, stage right; enter MAN, WOMAN 1, and WOMAN 2, stage left. (Thank goodness we have big elevators).

MAN: blah blah something about dreams.

WOMAN 1, in loud obnoxious tones: Oh my gosh I HAVE to tell you guys about this crazy dream I had last night! I was in this room that was full of cream puffs, and I was like surrounded by cream puffs, and I just kept eating and eating and eating cream puffs, and there were chocolate and strawberry and vanilla and other flavors, and I just kept eating them and eating them… and then I went into this other room and these two other women were there, Janice and Alice…

(MAN and WOMAN 2 murmur knowingly) Oh, right, yeah, Janice and Alice, hmmm…

WOMAN 1, continuing:… and they didn’t know I was in there and could hear them, and they were talking about me, and one kept saying “I would have been eating the hummus, but she just kept eating and eating cream puffs” and other one said “She’s so loud and obnoxious and annoying!”

MAN: Wait, this is still in your dream?

WOMAN 2: Wait, I’m confused, so this is what they’re saying about you in your dream?

WOMAN 1, still loud and obnoxious: Yes, yes, this is still in my dream… can you believe them? Anyway so then I was like…..

and then the elevator doors opened, and we parted ways. I kind of want to know what she did next. You know, in her dream.?? Man, I love Corporate America.

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