HOBO failure

HOBO failureHoly crap, has HOBO International failed us this time. I literally did a triple take a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon this display at Nordstrom — trust me, the photo doesn’t do it justice, because these bags will SCAR YOUR RETINAE.

The colors are the same fluorescent neons of my 80s childhood, and are NOT WELCOME BACK IN MY LIFE. I don’t know what dried-up marketing exec came up with this ploy, but curse them! This brand is known for being sleek, clean and above all else, BASIC and NEUTRAL. I will cry if neon really is the new black.

To be fair, Jen bought a bright but pale blue wallet from this collection that looks lovely — so not all is lost. But the pinks, oranges, chartreuse yellows and chartreuse greens can go back in the vault, please. It’s not retro until it no longer hurts to look at it.

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