I think we’re going to have an earthquake…

…because I saw some *weird* things this morning on my way to the bus.

1) I saw a sparrow try and hover like a hummingbird (quite unsuccessfully), then fly straight into the wall it was hovering in front of, smack into it and fall to the ground, and flop around a bit before standing back up. If I weren’t running for the bus I probably woulda tried to help it, being as how I like aminals and I take pity on cute confused things.

2) Then, I saw a squirrel fall off a fence and do a sorta recovery-somersault (he didn’t stick the landing). I’ve seen squirrels lose their footing before, but this was pretty extreme. Squirrel was fine though, he just bounded along after that.

3) THEN, I saw a biker on the Burke-Gilman almost hit this giant orange cat that was just sitting in the middle of the trail, not moving despite imminent death. The biker guy had to swerve around it and I heard him go “holy shit!” and the cat STILL was just sitting there, smack in the middle of the trail.

Don’t they say the animals are first to wig out right before an earthquake hits? I’m just sayin’…

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