Ten interesting revelations

Yep, it’s been a fascinating less-than-twenty-four-hour period since my last blog posting. Allow me to enlighten you as to some of my activities and goings-on:

1) Still don’t know if I have the job.

2) Dined purely by happenstance with a local celebrity last night, whose name shall remain unmentioned as I’m sure he would prefer it that way.

3) Learned many a thing in said dining event – we shall summarize by saying that one should give the rich and famous and all that the benefit of the doubt before one assumes the usual set of negative stereotypes about famous folk, because they don’t always apply. I mean, sometimes they do, sure, but not always.

4) Learned where/how to buy a new car for the cheapest possible price with zero haggling. Woo! Also got sung to by a gentleman I believe was the chef at the Met, doing an uncanny Lionel Ritchie impression. I said “Good night, Lionel” as I left and he said he loved me. Can’t say I blame him.

5) Did I mention I still don’t know about that job yet?

6) Got my ass up at 6 to go swimming at the gym before work, only to discover that they were retiling the women’s showers so I couldn’t do anything sweat-inducing if I wanted to clean up afterwards. Went and got an oil change instead; got the freebie treatment I always get at the Jiffy Lube on 4th downtown (thanks guys). The “Check Engine” light is still coming on erratically, however. This NEVER happens, despite the outward appearance of my car, and I am increasingly concerned, and yet still incredibly cheap. Are there any mechanic types reading this?

7) Discovered that I am, in fact, a writer. And furthermore, when asked on the spot what I do, this is my answer. And further yet, when asked on the spot what my dream job is, this is STILL my answer. WHO KNEW!? I didn’t! But local celebrity types have a way of forcing blatant self-honesty techniques that apparently us non-famous laymen don’t possess. So thanks (you know who you are) for those moments of clarity and revelation.

8) Now, if only I knew about that writing job… I’m going to go check my email (again).

9) Also had confirmed by said aforementioned local celebrity that I’m totally right to tip more or less the value of the free thing(s) I received if I ever get free things on a menu. I’ve always stood by this conviction, and some of my pals who have done the freebie-wheelin’ thing with me think this is silly and renders moot the entire getting of free things in the first place, but I stand my ground – you tip the full value or thereabouts, and you send a thank you note. It’s just what’s done. Anyway, I appreciated that even though this still-unnamed famous guy wasn’t given a tab at the Met, he still insisted on them running a $0.01 charge on his card so he could write in a tip for the waitress and valet. See, I just think that’s classy. Just because people are inclined for whatever reason to give you free shit, doesn’t mean you should take advantage unnecessarily. I tried to pay the Jiffy Lube guys this morning for fixing my tail light for free but they wouldn’t have it. Thanks again, guys.

10) Now we’re apparently having an earthquake drill, so I guess I have to go (or hide under my desk or whatever) – oh, The Voice Of God just told me “your computer monitor falls of your desk. File cabinets are shaking. The building is rumbling. ARE YOU UNDER YOUR DESK?” Creepy. Big Brother is on my office intercom. Oh good, I survived the fakequake. Whew.

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