Not that Virginia Roberts! :)

Many people have name twins. When I hadn’t yet married, my name twins were mostly elderly ladies in the southeast United States, because “Culler” is a more common surname in that area, and “Virginia” was popular there many decades ago. But now that I’m married, I’m Virginia Roberts—and boy, is my name twin having fun stirring the pot!

Shortly after I married, some teenager named Virginia Roberts made some allegation about something with some British royal. (I seriously don’t even know the details; Google it if you must!) She’s back at it now, apparently.

Anyway, that’s not me. I am not a former sex slave writing a tell-all memoir. However, I am an online dating coach who works with clients all over the world. If any of you folks looking for that other Virginia Roberts decide to drop me a line for some help with your love life, please do so. :)

Carry on!

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