R.I.P., I think. For real this time.

My poor Blue Devil is no more, at least at present. She died on me yesterday, on Highway 99 heading north right before the bridge (thank goodness) when the clutch cable snapped. This wasn’t a total shock, but it was kind of a bummer. Thankfully, it could’ve been worse in a lot of ways:

-Coulda been stuck somewhere VASTLY more inconvenient/scary

-Coulda been pouring rain

-Coulda not had a kickass roommate who’s loaning me her car for the next coupla days (thanks J!)

-Coulda caught on fire

-Coulda not found nice friendly passers-by to help me push it off the road while I steered

-Coulda not been a Triple-A member (thanks Mom!)

-Coulda bustd more than what I think/hope is just my clutch cable.

…and so on, and so forth. Though the damage seems relatively minor, my car’s so old and in possibly crummy shape that it may or may not be worth it to replace the cable; it may just be time for a whole new car. Which I have no idea how I will obtain, pay for, etc. All in good time, I suppose. For now, a moment of silence for the 1989 Spectrum with 150k miles on it, that has gotten me from point A to the end of the world and back since I was 19. We had a good run, we did.

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