Support Live Captioning at UIKonf

My friends and acquaintances in the tech industry constantly impress me. It’s inspiring and humbling to know so many people who are determined to help change tech by making sure it’s a welcoming community for marginalized people.

My pals Doug, Jeff, and Ashley over at SoundOff are in Round Two of fundraising, this time for live captioning at UIKonf in Berlin in May. Live captioning for UIKonf is not only going to open up the conference to the deaf community and the hard of hearing, but will be indispensable for many of the attendees for whom English is not their first language. Like all conferences SoundOff works with, UIKonf features a strong Code of Conduct to set expectations for attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Captioning for the two days of talks will cost $3,000. They’re nearly there now, but they need your (and my) support to meet their goal! Donate now to help SoundOff make UIKonf accessible to as many people as possible! I’m off to make my contribution now. If you’re one of those wonderful allies who’s always wondering how you personally can help make a difference in our broken industry, this is a great way to start!



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