Swnt elom m iphon

So I don’t mean to be one of those people. Really, I don’t. I’m just in love with the fact that I finally have a gadget that’s gloat-worthy. But the last thing I want to be is one of those iPhone snobs, ya know? (Too late, I know.) So one of the first things I did when I got my phone (besides drink heavily and belt out ballads in Rock Band — it was a *birthday* gift, after all) was delete the “Sent from my iPhone” email signature.

But believe it or not, I’m finding I need to put in some kind of signature, so I can more easily create a Gmail filter that will allow me to sort the iPhone photos I email to myself. And because Gmail likes to over-filter and/or under-specify a bit, I have to come up with a signature that makes my phone-sent emails recognizable from my non-phone ones. So back to Signature Square One.

Once I figured out that I needed a phone-specific signature, I got stumped. The only real-life person I know who has an original signature is Hen, but I don’t wanna be the lame kid that copies the idea too late in the trend. (Hers says “iPhone love may result in typos”. So true, so succinct, so cute, so HEN. Not mine for the taking.) So being the witty, original, thoughtful, humorous writer that I am, I immediately started Googling for ready-made iPhone signature suggestions I could use.

I’m torn between wanting to go funny and wanting to go somewhat professional. In a tuaw post, someone referenced Rob Corddry’s signature suggestions from Suicide Girls:

-Sent from my iPhone
-Sent from my iPhone, bitch.
-Sent from my $600 iPhone
-Swnt elom m iphon
-Sent from my ipwn
-You’ve been iPhoned
-I have more money than you
-Sent from the Future
-I have an iPhone. Now will you fuck me?

These all amuse me, but Grant and I both agreed that “Swnt elom m iphon” was by far the funniest. But here’s the thing. It’s totally inaccurate. The iPhone NEVER MAKES MISTAKES THAT BIG. It really only screws up words like Harajuku or piñata — basically, not common English words. I actually spent almost an hour messing with signatures, trying REALLY HARD to MISTYPE “Sent from my iPhone”, and I can’t get anything believably mistyped at all.

Holy shit. Apple is awesome. I am in awe. And on another note, I’m also in need of signature suggestions, if any Imaginary Readers care to submit them.


  1. Upi vpi;f s;esud kidt ,pbr upit jsmfd pbrt pmr ;rttrt tp ther toght snf drr ehst hs[[snrd/

    Oh god, that’s painful. I can’t maintain it any longer.

    I feel all dirty now.

    Oh, right, a suggestion. How about:

    |My iPhone can beat up your honor student|

    Because there aren’t enough of those.

    Man, I’m going to look dumb if those tags didn’t work.

  2. My old boss’s signature is my favorite and also my signature now… “Sent from my digital apendage”

    Bill Jolley your the man..

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