More design I love/hate

After my recent post about design trends that I love/hate/waffle on, I came up with a few more that I thought were worth sharing. Because, you know, maybe the Pennsylvania Geological Survey will sponsor my blog. Shut up. Also, this turned into more than a few. What can I say? I have NEVER claimed to… Continue reading More design I love/hate

Miss Manners is back on top!

It’s no secret that I’ve reacted poorly to the occasional advice column in the past, including one by Miss Manners herself. But I’m happy to say that I found her most recent column to be right on the nose. Particularly of note are the comments about eating soup with a fork, and making sure wedding… Continue reading Miss Manners is back on top!

Miss Manners hits the bottle?

Some of you Imaginary Readers may remember back to the time when my Off Culler advice column ran in the now-dead Seattle Pulse metroblog. Those were fun times, n’est-ce pas? The majority of my submissions were goofy gags sent by my well-meaning friends, though I did deal with a few more serious queries. I answered… Continue reading Miss Manners hits the bottle?