Kindle MatchBook is a HUGE deal.

I’m floored and very pleased by Amazon’s recent announcement of the Kindle MatchBook program. This is obviously a big deal for current Kindle customers and for ebook readers in general, but I think it’s an even bigger deal for those who haven’t yet “gone digital.” Only time will tell, but I think this will disrupt… Continue reading Kindle MatchBook is a HUGE deal.

Style Cure Day 10: Success and failure

Well, today is Style Cure Day 10, and the task is to make a shopping list and a budget. I basically already have that done, except that I’m still waiting on window treatment quotes. But I had a bit of a finances scare nothing truly outlandish, but because I’ve been under the weather for so… Continue reading Style Cure Day 10: Success and failure

Living room makeover

I didn’t grow up super decor-minded, you guys, despite what you read on this blog and possibly see in my obsessive Pinterest habits. I grew up in a bunch of weird different homes over the years, the most stable of which had cheap-ass wall-to-wall builder-grade beige carpet, Formica countertops, those ugly schoolhouse linoleum floors, and… Continue reading Living room makeover


When I first started listening to Back to Work, I had never heard of OmniFocus or Getting Things Done with David Allen. But since hearing Merlin extoll this system’s virtues, I got on board and eventually got the book (print AND Kindle), and eventually even wound up buying a Mac and shelling out for both… Continue reading OmniSavvy

Miss Manners is back on top!

It’s no secret that I’ve reacted poorly to the occasional advice column in the past, including one by Miss Manners herself. But I’m happy to say that I found her most recent column to be right on the nose. Particularly of note are the comments about eating soup with a fork, and making sure wedding… Continue reading Miss Manners is back on top!

Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

1) I got married. That was kind of busy. 2) I have a new job. It, of course, takes up a lot of my time, passion, energy, and tennis elbow quotient. But it’s loads of fun! I’m the French Linguistic QA Specialist at NCsoft, and I primarily focus on French-language text in Aion, a Korean-developed… Continue reading Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

The Girl with the Missing Book Club

Not to jump on the literary bandwagon du jour (or rather, du 2005), but I finally picked up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.* For the first time since 2006ish when my book club disbanded, I really miss having a group with whom to kvetch about whatever’s on my nightstand. This book started slow, then… Continue reading The Girl with the Missing Book Club

Obvious Conclusions

For the past several years, people keep telling me I ought to be writing for a living. And in all my attempts to take this solid advice, I struggle with issues of brevity. (Thank God that Grant’s equally verbose, or he never would’ve made it through my Craigslist ad.) I particularly get told I should… Continue reading Obvious Conclusions