Tales of Weekend Hilarity

So this wasn’t exactly Abbot & Costello, but I was so tickled pink (at times literally) by some silly funny stuff that occurred this weekend. First off, on Friday night C and I went to visit John in Olympia for the opening night of UrineTown, which was absolutely HILARIOUS…. to US. I think we were literally the only real laughers in the audience, and we were CHORTLING. And, I mean, it’s a damn funny play, so I don’t know why people weren’t more into it… but there were at least three lines where the entire theater was dead silent except for us cackling, and the sound guy in the booth behind us snickering AT our cackling. Good times. The play is truly great though, you should all go see it.

What else? Oh, so then Saturday… nothing interesting happened. Well not entirely true, but nothing blogworthy. Wait, no, I lie – I got hit on by this chick at a bar in the presence of her boyfriend, and I don’t think he caught on, even though at one point she pinched my ass but she wasn’t too dextrous about it…. It was strange and a bit unnerving and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. And then I think she left to go puke in the bathroom. Yep, it was pretty hot.

Then, on Sunday, first I roller-bladed around the lake, but one lap turned into three, and my stupidly sunblock-free skin got a massive horrible farmers burn… complete with wrist-guard lines. So hot, let me tell ya. And then, when I was at the Arco filling up on the cheapest over-three-dollar gas in town, I got hit on by a soccer mom. I think. In front of her husband and three kids. Again, I was confused and unnerved. It started with her checking out my tattoo as I bent over to pick up my gas cap I had dropped (and yes, it’s a frickin’ “bullseye” tattoo, thank you Wedding Crashers). Fair enough, tacky and regrettable as it may be, I did pick an awesome design and I too love my tattoo most days. So she’s asking me what it means and I’m telling her, and she says she loves tattoos in that spot and I laugh and half-jokingly tell her I only got it there because it’s the one spot I can’t see without a mirror, so I would regret it less when I got older and wiser, and she’s like, nah, it looks great… and winks at me. Not, like, oops I have something in my eye wink. Like really, full-on, I have angled myself such that my husband and children will not see this racy wink I am about to give you, wink. I got the feeling she would’ve slapped my ass if I were close enough. It was strange.

And both of those strange unexpected-girls-hitting-on-me events reminded me of a funny fact – I’ve only posted personals ads on Craigslist a handful of times, but three times now I’ve gotten responses from a couple looking for a “third member”. Does anyone else find that strange? I mean, this means you are cruising the personals ads replying to people who are looking to meet *a* person. Not a pair of people. Ya know?

Anywho. Strange brew. Happy Monday, folks.

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