The Arco Lamp

Grant’s stepmother has this fabulous Arco Lamp in her living room, which she got after her mother told her she could buy “one lamp” for her first apartment (or something like that). So she went out and bought a MoMA-designed, $900 (at the time!) lamp with a marble base. Her mother learned to be more specific, and she got a fabulous artistic conversation piece that really lights up any room. And I LOVE that lamp. And Grant hates it.

Lately, we’ve been seeing them pop up more and more — a furniture store around the corner has one in their window display, as does the local Design Within Reach shop. And every time I see one out there, I of course point it out so Grant will realize that these items are beautiful and that other people enjoy them and that his opinion is very, very wrong.

The latest and greatest such occasion was this weekend. We decided to re-watch Iron Man just for the heck of it. And do you know what’s featured in that first breathtaking panorama shot of Tony Stark’s house? (Aside from a half-naked blonde Vanity Fair reporter?)

That’s right, bitches. It’s THE ARCO LAMP. Eat that, Grant Roberts.

…Such threatening remarks kind of lose their potency when we’re talking about an item that we can neither afford nor fit in our apartment. But still. Someday, somehow, I will own one of these lamps, and I will force Grant to look at it every now and then just on principle. I’m not yet sure what the principle is, but hey — I’m pleased to know that I have similar taste to Tony Stark. Even though he’s fictional. What do you say I end this post about a friggin’ lamp now, before it gets any more tangential and weird? Okay then.


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